Speedball Guide

Speedball Guide

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Combining drugs is more harmful than just abusing one chemical and also results in more serious consequences. Speedballs, or even the combination of cocaine and heroin or morphine, are one of the very well-known combinations of abused drugs used now, yet they’re also one of the very dangerous combinations. Not merely are speedballs extremely addictive, but overdose may occur quickly, even in a dose you’ve taken dozens of times before. There’s not any secure way to misuse a speedball, so if you’re hooked on speedballs you need to find immediate assistance to recover from this addiction safely.

Speedball describes this combination of cocaine and either heroin or morphine, and is typically abused intravenously, possibly together with both substance in one syringe or the 2 substances injected individually using two syringes. Speedballs usage can quickly lead to the development of physical dependence and acute withdrawal symptoms, which induce the consumer to keep going back for more. Users combine the 2 substances expecting that the cocaine may remove the nausea and sedation related to opiate misuse and that the opiates can help alleviate the stress and hypertension that comes along with cocaine misuse.

Dangers of Speedballs

Speedballs are harmful on several levels, starting with the unreliability of effectiveness. You can never be certain just how pure your alcoholic or heroin is because it’s often trimmed with a different agent to decrease purity. Even though you might inject the identical burden of cocaine and heroin only one week since you do the following, that doesn’t mean that you are taking the exact same dose. Since cocaine is a stimulant and heroin is a depressant, overdose may happen readily and is often deadly. Speedballs combine two of the most addictive materials used nowadays, so they’re highly addictive and could lead to an addiction to both materials instead of simply one.

Get Over Speedball Addiction

The only way for you to quit using speedballs and prevent the dangers associated with these would be to look for professional addiction treatment. Call our toll-free helpline now and learn about how speedball addiction treatment will be able to assist you. Our trained addiction experts can answer some queries you have concerning the addiction treatment process or speedball addiction, and we’re here for you 24 hours every day. Your health insurance can help cover for speedball rehab so inquire about your coverage when you call.

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